Tonight 7pm (slt) CALAS CHRISTMAS GALA w/ Antonio Galloway!

Destination Guide PhotoJoin us as we celebrate tonight 7pm slt at the beautiful Christmas Pavilion on ‘NOEL’. Our last show at the pavilion and last show until March!   Formal Christmas attire. Be sure to keep your scripts under 100 for everyone’s enjoyment . Choose that Glam carefully 🙂 We’ll be filling up fast, so arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early if you can.

Since we’ll be closing NOEL on Jan 1, so be sure you take time to explore iif you haven’t already . Here’s your sleigh!



Destination Guide PhotoWe are excited to welcome Antonio Galloway to the gorgeous Christmas Pavilion at ‘NOEL’ tonight. Formal dress please and we have a script limit of 100 for events to help everyone have a great time so choose your glam carefully:)  We invite you to make time to explore ‘NOEL’ when you come – before or after the show!  Here’s your sleigh!


Photobombs from last night’s Voodoo Shilton concert & a little surprise this morning…

Voodoo Shilton November 12 Concert Photos

and guess what happened over night? 🙂 (okay Ty told me to send a post about the Voodoo pics, but he didn’t tell me not to tell about THE CALAS LAKE FREEZING OVER LAST NIGHT!!! – shhhhh, but heads up the ice is smooth as glass:) See more below!)surprise_001And guess who’s working furiously to get everything ready for the holidays:)