Our sims are rated Moderate or Mature.  No one under 18 years (RL) is allowed inside the Park. Other than that, we open our doors to everyone who seeks peace, beauty and a safe environment. We have worked hard to build that here and all are welcome  as long as they adhere to the following very important rules which we have put in place to assure … as much as possible … a pleasurable experience for everyone who visits Calas Galadhon Park.

At Calas Galadhon we do not accept intolerance of the form or type of avatar a resident chooses to take in Second Life – we expect all of our guests to be gracious to everyone they encounter here.  When it comes to behavior, we expect all guests to follow our rules and those of LINDEN LABS TERMS OF SERVICE to assure they are welcome here. Failure to respect or comply with any of these Rules  could result in removal and banishment from the Park.  We, as the owners and staff, take these Rules very SERIOUSLY.


  • ALL VISITORS must obey Linden Labs TERMS OF SERVICE agreement.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • NO NUDITY whatsoever… not everyone is comfortable with it, sorry.
  • NO SEX
  • NO EXCESSIVE GESTURES – To keep the park as quiet and peaceful as possible, NO EXCESSIVE GESTURES by ANYONE are allowed while in the Park.  While attending our Live Music  or any other events at the park, out of respect for our performers and other guests present during any of our events we ask that the use of gestures be kept to a bare minimum.
  • Obscene gestures of any kind are not allowed within the Park.
  • NO SPAMMING   If any avatar is caught passing to our guests uninvited offers of landmarks, business or personal information of any kind they will be immediately removed and banned from the Park.
  • NO “PARKING” – “Parking’ avies in one spot such as one of the apartments or or buildings for long periods of time prevents other guests from visiting, so we want you to be aware that if we do observe this behavior or hear complaints about it we may send you home.  We welcome those who wish to spend time just sitting and listening to the music and relaxing … but “hogging” a particular spot for hours could be seen as squatting and won’t be allowed … sorry.


All of the sims in the Park were designed for exploration, much as one would experience a State or National Park in the United States. That said, we do celebrate the opportunity for creative expression that Second Life offers.  Here are a couple guidelines (in addition to following the rules listed above):

  • We understand that human and other forms of avatars like to participate in various types of roleplay with one another.  Although we do not disapprove of this, we want everyone at our park to be comfortable so we ask that role play is kept private so it does not intrude on others. Specifically, do not approach other guests with an invitation to engage in any kind of roleplay and make sure your roleplay does not impact the positive experience of any other guest in  the Park.  In other words … if you think the peace of others not participating might be negatively affected by your actions, dress or dialog … it would be best to stop or take it another location.
  • CHILD AVATARS:  We also understand that Child Avatars or ‘Kids’ can be a sensitive issue for some guests.  In an effort to help all feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible while exploring the Park, we expect ‘kids’ who choose to visit the park to be well behaved and follow the same rules we ask of others, including the rules about gestures and roleplay – keep child roleplay and gestures to a minimum while in the Park or at any of our events and do not approach other guests as many do come here merely for the peace and solitude that the park offers.  All cuddle animations in the park are off limits to ‘kids.’  Please, no ‘toddlers’ without older ‘family’ members.
  •   Note also that because of the night club atmosphere we want to keep at our OZ Night Club, that venue only allows adult avatars.


We welcome all photographers and machinima creators who wish to use the park as inspiration for their artistic expression and may want to post images of the Park sims on blogs and photo websites.

Since we have worked hard to create this park FREE of rentals and shopping malls and have invited the  public into our home at no cost, we do ask that those who plan on selling the images in one form or another be sensitive to this by respecting our creative work.  All we ask is that any artwork using images from the Park should list the sim name and CALAS GALADHON PARK as the location in the description of the artwork.

Please send us the URL for your blogs or photo sites as we always enjoy seeing the great work of those who come to the sim to capture the beauty of what the park has to offer. You can send those to Tymus Tenk or Truck Meredith in SL.


Basically, aside from having to adhere to the Linden Labs Terms of Service agreement, it all comes down to showing respect and kindness to everyone … not only the creators and owners of Calas Galadhon, but also to all other visitors in the park.

If an avatar is found in violation of any of the above rules OR is found harassing, threatening, just being obnoxious or anything other than respectful and kind to another guest , they may be asked to leave or, depending on the behavior, be ejected and banned immediately from the Park.

If any guest  feels they are being harassed in any form, aside from reporting the abuse to Linden Labs, we ask that you let us know .  We won’t always have a solution but will do what we can to investigate if warranted.

Calas Galadhon Park is our SL home and while we have made it open to all, we do expect everyone  to be sensitive to this and respect our rules. We wish you peaceful and pleasant explorations during your visit with us 🙂

Thank you.   Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith / Owners

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