Sailing Ship on Belegaer

Sailing Ship on Belegaer

Belegaer is open sea with a lovely old sailing ship anchored there for your enjoyment. There are romantic poses at the bow and stern … as well as the standing cuddle pose rug on the deck.  And do take a dive into the sea for a look around! You’ll find your free Calas Scuba gear, two beautiful Pacific Dolphins to swim with, a sea turtle to ride and the popular Mer dance ball.

Here’s a lift if you want to visit now.

2 thoughts on “BELEGAER

    • Hi, Patti,
      Thanks for your suggestion. The sims and Estate were named after places in J.R.R. Tolkien’s work and are spelled accordingly. CALAS GALADHON was a common misspell of CARAS GALADHON but we chose to stick with that name when the Lindens mistakenly called it that when first listed in SHOWCASE in December 2009. It was too difficult to change at that point. We hope you enjoy the park.


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