OZ Night Club

“OZ”…step back in time with us…to a place of romantic entertainment and a time of classical elegance. OZ Night Club is one of the most popular romantic music venues in SL. Music in the high art deco-styled night club is from the late 20s, 30s, early 40s with more recent jazz, pop and occasional country to round things off nicely.

Dress in thirties formal, nightclub attire to completely immerse yourself in the moment, if you like. “OZ” is in a completely enclosed atmosphere of night sky and city lights.  A place for romantic dancing and listening to some of the very best music in SL. You may want to take that special someone out under the stars for a dance on the large romantic terrace. There’s even a lounge for the ladies to primp and freshen up in, and one for the men to partake of a cigar, a brandy, or swap a tale or two. Be part of the fantasy! Below are some recent videos done during some live music shows at OZ. There are also some reviews of the initial opening. When you’re ready to go there, here’s your limo: “OZ”

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Thanks to Eddi Haskell for this nice critique, too!