A Calas Christmas 2019

Welcome to our 11th Christmas build, “A CALAS CHRISTMAS!”

Below you will find some important notes and a few rules which will help you have the best holiday experience while here.


  • Be sure to accept our Region Windlight, have Advanced Lighting Model turned on (as well as Shadows, sun&moon only if your system can handle it)
  • Because of additional script time we had to use this year in the build, we do have a SCRIPT LIMIT of 100 while visiting. It is easy to check your scripts prior to coming over by (while having Name tags enabled) right click on your name tag and pick ‘script info’. What usually puts one over that limit are resizer scripts being left in attachments (clothing, hair, jewelry, etc) and extra HUDs other than your AO.
  • While we want you to enjoy exploring the two regions, please keep in mind that others may be waiting to arrive. Be aware that if you go afk for more than a few minutes while on this sim, and the sim is full, you may be asked to make your way to the other sim or sent home if there is no response.
  • Courtesy of Tyrian Slade & ‘Water Horse’ – Avatars & Riding Horses’ you will find a beautiful Bento Christmas Draft Horse to use while at “A CALAS CHRISTMAS’. Directions are found on the rezzer and in the text it offers you when you mount the horse. To remove the horse (& tail), you simply ‘detach’ them. The LM’s to the rezzers are found below.
  • Couples dances are found in Golden Reindeer inside the Small Dance Pavilion, on the Calas Train Station Platform and inside the Christmas Pavilion. (Landmarks to these & other important locations are here.)
  • How to use the Skate Rezzers!


  • Our Covenant on the Park sims also apply here. You can find it under WORLD/REGION DETAILS.
  • Please: No Flying, NO NUDITY whatsoever, No Loud Gestures, Particles or bad behavior. Anyone found to be treating other guests with anything but respect and kindness or not complying with these few simple rules may be subject to being sent home or banned.

We usually have someone on the sim who can help if there are any questions or problems. If you can’t locate one of the staff below, please feel free to ask in our Calas Galadhon Group chat or leave us an IM. We’ll get back to you asap!

Enjoy this year’s build & Happy Holidays!

Tymus Tenk, owner
Truck Meredith, owner

Kerena Zhangsun
Alicia Underby
Romie Vella
Jenna Dirval