Armenelos sank back into the sea in January 2015 – but you never know when it may rise again;)

Armenelos – Santorini – Atlantis, from dream to real life and back again…

ARMENELOS was built by the extraordinary builder, Bora Rossini. Here, you will find the fabulously imaginative and intriguing detail and interactive play that Calas Galadhon is known for delivering.

Armenelos was the city of Kings in Tolkien’s tales, set on a star-shaped island called Númenor. It was destroyed in a great explosion as was Santorini, the Greek island Calas’ Armenelos is modeled after. Part of  the Minoan empire that was a leader in the dawn of western civilization and one of the most unique and amazing ancient cultures, Santorini was  destroyed in the great Minoan eruption of the 15th Century leading many people to believe it is what remains of Atlantis!

Here is Calas’ version of paradise lost – not as grand as Atlantis, that idyllic land that disappeared beneath the sea, but with little touches to remind you of that magical place. Our Armenelos alt provides extraordinarily beautiful sunrises and sunsets that turn the island’s gleaming white buildings a rosy pink just like the ones you’ll see in Santorini in real life.

And, just for fun we decorated the apartments here in a wonderful variety of styles with great art and interactive playthings. This is also the home of one of our Live Music Venues – The Dolphin Cafe. There’s a nice bar and dancing and lovely seaside tables for quiet visits even when there’s no live music!

And along the path from the Dolphin to the stairs up to the apartments, you’ll find an entrance down into the sea for a lovely underwater experience…