Time to start getting prepared for next week’s opening of VALYRIA !

Greetings fellow explorers!

We have come full circle and find ourselves once again finding the colors of Autumn peeking out across the Park sims while looking forward at the opening up this year’s October/Halloween build VALYRIA. If all goes well we should have it ready for our group members this coming Thursday, October 1.  If we are ready to open the sim after Voodoo’s show on Wednesday night, we’ll let you know. The LANDMARK will only be sent to you just before opening 🙂


Please Note: At the end of this post we have listed some important information you should keep in mind to make the most of your Valyrian visits.

As with all ‘member previews’ of our new builds … you are welcome to invite a guest or two. All guests must be accompanied by one of our Calas Announcement Group members.  Please wear your tags during the preview.  We see this ‘preview’ time prior to announcing the build to the public, as YOUR time.  It’s a time to explore and enjoy it with us and the rest of our Calas family before the crowds arrive. This preview also gives us the opportunity  to discover any things that Truck and I may have overlooked in this complicated build. Please to let us know if you see anything that might not be working, obviously out of place or missing 🙂

We hope to announce the public opening of VALYRIA by posting signs on the sims, through blog posts and The Destination Guide on Saturday, October 3rd.  While we encourage you to let folks know of the upcoming public opening, please DO NOT share the Landmark you are given for the preview or publish it in your blog prior to that date.

Like last year’s ‘Darkwood’, 2013’s Veil of Darkness and 2012’s ‘Journey to The Lost City’, VALYRIA is a sim size build… located outside of our Park sims.  We hope VALYRIA will meet your expectations. Each year it becomes harder to top the previous year’s build.  DARKWOOD was such a success as was last years Christmas sim ‘NOEL’.  We hope you find this year’s builds as enjoyable as last. 🙂

The Cavern @ Valyria copy

As in years past, the Halloween build will also house the live music venue for the month of October .  We have named it ‘THE CAVERN’  You’ll understand the meaning of that name once you experience it in person … the photo above doesn’t do it justice ;)).  All of the October shows will be held there.  All events will be costume.  We mentioned in our last post that VALYRIA was inspired by visuals and a brief side story line found in the popular HBO series; Game of Thrones so feel free to ‘costume up’ with Medieval, Fantasy or Gorean in mind.  Truck is groaning as Ty thinks ‘another opportunity to wear my old Elven garb’. 🙂  You are also welcome to bedazzle us with some of the wonderfully creative and amazing Halloween outfits and avies out there this year.

beneath the tree copy

Come prepared to be terrorized, dazzled and to smile a bit at our usual quirky Calas attempt at Halloween humor 🙂

old friends copy

Thank you again for all of your wonderful support for the work we do in Second Life!

Our very best to you.

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith / Calas Galadhon Park

Now for some important information that you’ll want to think about prior to visiting:  (we’ll have this information available in notecard and sign form at the entrance/landing point at VALYRIA.  If I can remember, I’ll also send you the n/c with the Landmark the day we open it to you)  We will most likely have updated the notecard by the time of opening, so be sure to grab one on opening day.



Please … NO FLYING … we have designed the build to be experienced on foot … at “Calas” we have always encouraged exploration 🙂  Use of fly overrides may lead to being sent home.

For the best possible experience please accept our Region Windlight Setting. You will also need to have PREFERENCES/GRAPHICS/ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL and Sounds and Music turned on. Truck has  created another awesome Music stream for a more immersive experience which will be playing except during our live music performances.

NOTE: This build is a dark one, so its probably a good idea to view it when you can draw the curtains and have it as dark as possible in your room when you log on 🙂

YOUR GOAL: To reach “THE CAVERN” … not the smaller ones you will visit on your journey … but the REALLY BIG one at the end. This is a long journey on foot so take your time to explore the darkest corners. There is a lot of detail in this complex build, so you are going to want to come back and explore.

This year’s Halloween build has TWO levels;

Level One: The City of Valyria, The Pyramid  & surrounding countryside (ground level) where both tours will be found.

Level Two: ‘THE WALL’

NOTE: You must find and go through THE PORTAL (found within the City ruins) to reach the second level, including THE CAVERN.

Watch for signs and torches to help you on your way. Keep your VALYRIA landmark handy. We’ll have a free flashlight near the entrance for you scaredy cats.

There are two tours; the Valyrian Boat Tour (near the entrance) and the Flying Dragon Tour (within the city of Valyria)

Finally keep an eye out for ‘journey cloths’. ( forgive me .. I’ve been known to hide a little of this and that around Calas that reference my early online days as a member of the Myst Online Uru community… how I loved that game!)

tp cloth worked

When touched the cloth will take you to unique locations … some can ONLY be reached using them. Once you’ve arrived at one of these locations, look around … you’ll find another cloth close to continue hopping around :).

Now on with your journey and above all … HAVE FUN!

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith, owners/ Calas Galadhon Park Sims


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