Save the date – Zachh Cale at PHOENIX, Sunday, August 25 – 2pm SLT!

Zachh Cale takes the stage at PHOENIX @ 2pm SLT Sunday! Zachh uniquely re-interprets rock and pop songs, as well as jazz standards, on piano and keyboards.  His music is influenced by artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Joni Mitchell. He’s also a fan of the American Songbook and many of those great artists. Join us and enjoy Zachh’s wide range of music,  from pop and rock, to jazz standards and the American Songbook.

Here’s your Air Calas to Santorini & Phoenix! (Please limit scripts to less than 100 so we can all trip the light fantastic!)


Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT at The Dolphin Cafe 7pm SLT!

It’s Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT, August 21, at The Dolphin Cafe. His jazz guitar and Latin inspired rhythms will have you dancing on deck as the sun sets over the sea.  Casual dress, but a really exceptional night of music. 7pm SLT  Please keep your scripts to 100 or less so we can all dance till we drop 🙂  Here’s your boat ride!

Savannah Rain @ The Dolphin Cafe TONIGHT, Wednesday, August 14, 7pm SLT!

Savannah Rain TONIGHT, Wednesday, August 14 – Join us at the Dolphin Cafe for #SecondLife #LiveMusic fun!

7pm SLT – here’s your ferry ticket!

See you there!