Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT at The Dolphin Cafe 7pm SLT!

Snapshot_063It’s Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT at The Dolphin Cafe. His jazz guitar and latin inspired rythyms will have you dancing on deck as the sun sets over the sea.  Casual dress, but a really exceptional night of music. 7pm SLT  Please keep your scripts to 100 or less so we can all dance till we drop 🙂  Here’s your boat ride!

#SecondLife TONIGHT Djembe Dragonfire takes the stage in about 30 minutes @ OZ Night Club 7pm SLT!

#SecondLife – Join us TONIGHT for Live Music at Calas Galadhon featuring Djembe Dragonfire @ OZ Night Club, 7pm SLT – here’s your limo!

Formal dress requested – and scripts under 100, please:)