New Farmhouse on Glanduin

When you first follow the country road from DIMRILL, walk over the rise and look down on the Casey farm on GLANDUIN. You’ll immediately sense the quiet peacefulness of a farm with its animals, fields, windmill, barn, pastures, orchards, vineyard and wildflower meadows. If you don’t have a horse of your own, you can find one of our horse rezzers at the Barn.

In 2014 we rebuilt the farm house and garden and did some site work on the pond. We also added some new sitting and cuddle areas. In 2015 the barn was rebuilt and the yard now includes some pig styes and more animals. And there is a new out building beyond the cornfield. As with all the homes and buildings in the park, visitors are welcome to come in and make themselves at home before continuing on their  journey through the park. Visit GLANDUIN now.