CALAS GALADHON, The ‘Mother’ Sim

The Calas Galadhon sim is our main ‘full’ sim, and is where you land initially – the park was named for it. Since it’s the starting point for exploration of the park, ‘rezzers’ for  boats, the buggy (carriages), and bicycles are only a short distance away along the far side of the lake. There’s a balloon ride that is located near the landing point. Be sure to look at your World Map to orient yourself to where you are in the park. The dock, deck and art gallery building you see across the lake from where you land is what we call ‘Main St’.

There’s a bicycle for two you can take a little ride on and stop by the Calas Gallery where you can express your appreciation for Calas if you like and  get a thank you gift to take home with you.

At the dock that runs in front of Main Street you’ll find our Cuddle Boat Tour as well as  a kayak, and a speedboat.

The Cuddle Boat Tours and Balloon Ride provide overviews of the Park via “autopilot” but you can take the kayak and speedboat out and make your own way through the park, if you like – and there are boats, bikes, and horses around throughout the park for exploring on your own – look out for the wildlife:)

Be sure to stop in at the Beanery on your way to Main Street – there are outdoor tables in front overlooking the park area in front of the lake and there’s a nice patio on the side overlooking the river. Be sure to try out your riding skills, with or without a partner, on the coin-operated horse outside just north of the bike rack.There’s a lovely little terrace up the stairs beside the Beanery and next to it upstairs is another gallery.

When you go over the bridge towards the dock and gallery area along Main Street, if you continue straight and up the hill along the river, you’ll find the Garden Terrace venue which is used for special events and is available 24/7 for dancing in a lovely romantic terraced patio with water elements and gorgeous landscaping. Enjoy!

FYI, there are two a wonderful pieces done by TREET TV / DESIGNING WORLDS on Calas Galadhon – the link is on our “Links we like…” tab – check it out and hear Ty tell how it all started…things have changed a bit since but it’s gives you an idea of how we work to bring the natural world into SL.