Welcome to Calas Galadhon …

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Welcome to Calas Galadhon!

Calas is a 13-sim estate in Second Life, with occasional seasonal sim additions for special builds, that brings the beauty of the natural world to the virtual world. Calas Park Rules, Lag Tips, and inworld Calas Announcement Group notices provide guidelines we hope enhance your visit. The Blog below has the latest news – enjoy!

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith




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Djembe Dragonfire @ OZ Night Club TONIGHT, October 14, 7pm SLT!


Djembe Dragonfire

Join us for a great time Monday at Oz featuring Djembe Dragonfire! Dress up and keep your scripts 100 or less so we can all trip the light fantastic!  Here’s your limo!

And here’s the Calas Galadhon Live Music October Event Calendar with lots of opps for creative dress at the end of the month:)


  1. #SecondLife Zachh Cale at OZ Night Club TONIGHT and he’s KILLING it – here’s your ride! Leave a reply
  2. #SecondLife Zachh Cale at OZ Night Club TONIGHT, in 15 minutes – 7pm SLT! Leave a reply