Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT at The Dolphin Cafe 7pm SLT!

Snapshot_063It’s Voodoo Shilton TONIGHT at The Dolphin Cafe. His jazz guitar and latin inspired rythyms will have you dancing on deck as the sun sets over the sea.  Casual dress, but a really exceptional night of music. 7pm SLT  Please keep your scripts to 100 or less so we can all dance till we drop 🙂  Here’s your boat ride!

Djembe Dragonfire at OZ Night Club Feb 19, 2018 Video!

We love you, Djembe – Happy Birthday! As he rolled from classic show tunes to a classically operatic love song to music – did we catch you mermerized?

Catch Djembe again at OZ March 5, 7pm SLT and don’t miss our next Live Music Event TONIGHT featuring Voodoo Shilton at The Dolphin Cafe, 7pm SLT:)

#SecondLife TONIGHT Djembe Dragonfire takes the stage in about 30 minutes @ OZ Night Club 7pm SLT!

#SecondLife – Join us TONIGHT for Live Music at Calas Galadhon featuring Djembe Dragonfire @ OZ Night Club, 7pm SLT – here’s your limo!

Formal dress requested – and scripts under 100, please:)