A Midnight Clear – 2108 Christmas Build!

Click on this poster for a brief preview of “A Midnight Clear”

The 2018 Calas Christmas build, “A Midnight Clear” was the 10th such special Christmas build by Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith. It was designed, as always to be enjoyed by walking or riding the sleighs, balloon, or the WH Christmas Horse. Small details, the ambient sound and the custom Christmas stream were all part of that experience. There’s were enough little surprises for several visits and the Calas Live Music Program moved to The Christmas Pavilion throughout December. The setting was beautiful with a skating pond, lots of cozy seating and many photo ops scattered throughout.  We hope you enjoyed spending some time at “A Midnight Clear!”  Here’s our archive video of the build which was closed Jan 6, 2019.

Check out these reviews and videos of “A Midnight Clear”:

Thank you Inara, Starr and Miky! For more information on “A Midnight Clear” see our Announcement Post here!

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Thank you and see you next Christmas!