How to skate at A Calas Christmas!

Skating at Calas “for the Skating-Challenged”;)


  • Of course, you can use your own skating AOs or skates that have their own skating animations to free skate, guiding yourself over the Calas skating pond.
  • In addition, you can use any of the 4 skating “tracks” at “A Calas Christmas.” These animations follow a set track so you don’t have to hold down any keys to move – the track will automatically move you around the track with a set animation.

(Which also means you may need to turn off any animations you normally wear such as walking/etc AOs or dance HUDS. Although most of the regular body AOs will not override these track animations, if you find yourself popping out of the skating track AO, just turn off your animation HUDS.)


These tracks are located at


  • Singles Trick Skating – animates a single user with various trick skating poses as it moves you along a path on the pond.
  • Relaxed Skating Couples – animates two skaters side by side with a casual skating pose as it moves you along a path on the pond.
  • Single’s Relaxed Skating – animates a single skater with a casual skating pose as it moves you along a path on the pond.
  • Dance Lovers – animates a couple in romantic dance poses as it moves you along a path on the pond.


The “Relaxed Skating Couples” and the “Single’s Relaxed Skating” tracks have a lower priority AO which does allow you to use other animations while you move around the skating pond.

(It also means you definitely have to turn off your other AOs when using these tracks in most cases.)


We have provided two animation balls above the pond that you can use on these tracks.  The pink ball provides dance animations that rotate through lasting about two minutes each. They are mostly the new Paragon dances – Latin, Contemporary and Jazz animations.  The blue ball provides various skating poses as you move over the pond.

To use them go to either the couples or single “Relaxed skate” poseballs and click the pink or blue ball. If you are skating as a couple, both of you should click the same ball.

The animations will start and you can then sit on the “relaxed skate” pose ball and in a few seconds it will move out over the pond.

(You can also get on the skating track first and change the animation ball once you are on the track, but it is a little more difficult to reach the balls because you are moving – camming out helps with that.)


There is another alternative AO you can use with these “relaxed” skating tracks – your own dance HUDS! Simply get on the relaxed track – either couples or single – and turn on your dance HUD, for example, and use it as you normally would – inviting your partner if you are using the couples “relaxed” skating track.