Armenelos resembles the Pacific Northwest Coast of the United States. There are high plateaus with rivers that cut deep gorges through them, deep ravines known as coulees and spectacular canyons. With a nod to the plentiful rainfall and mild summers of the Pacific Northwest, a lush and extensive forest features a rich botanical landscape with wildlife and birds throughout. (Turn off the stream and listen to the ambient sound:)

The coastline mimics that of the Pacific Northwest dotted by many gulches, bays, and rocky features that seem to reach directly out of the sea. You will see signs of the Asian and Native American cultures of the Pacific Northwest and waterfalls reminiscent of those in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon.

Here is Inara Pey’s wonderful description from her Living in the Modern World blog: Armenelos: The Returning

And here is the Avi Choice Magazine article on the changes, pages 79-82: Calas Galadhon Park keeps things fresh with fan support

Visit Armenelos.

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