Photography Opportunities LMs added to Calas website!

Did you know that World #Photography Day is August 19, 2020? World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. We thought some of you might want to practice;) Check out the new Photogaphy Opps page on our website. Kerena ran around the park finding and landmarking them all! Share the pics you take with the Calas Flickr Group!

Great photos taken at The MAZE, 2018 Calas Galadhon Halloween build – closes Nov 1!

Some great photos taken at The MAZE and at The DIG, the live music venue there, on the Calas Flickr group page:  (Or go to the Calas website landing page: and scroll down to bottom where you can just click on the Flickr thumbnail. There’s also a Calas Twitter account thumbnail there – you can follow that, too! Ditto FB) #SecondLife