There were 75 entries for the Shadowfell Photo Contest and many, many excellent photos! It took the judges hours to decide, so we want to congratulate our winners and also encourage you to visit either The Grove or Calas Galadhon to see a special showing area for many of the entries that were so amazing we wanted to recognize them in a special way.

Here is a link to Wren Carling Parker’s Flickr page with a list of the winners along with links to their Flickr pages for a great view of their winning photos. Here are the LMs to galleries at The Grove and Calas Galadhon to see the exhibits of all the photos submitted including those that deserved special mention:)

And, October 31 may be the last day to see Shadowfell itself up close and personal so here’s the ride to the Shadowfell Entrance!


Check out the entries for the Shadowfell Photo Contest at Calas Galadhon’s Garden Terrace area:) Winners will be announced Sunday but pick your faves and see if you have the same eye as the judges! Here’s your ride to The Garden Terrace area – there are 74 entries on the Terrace and adjoining garden areas:)

#SecondLife: Looking for a little escape? Check out a new retreat at Calas Galadhon!

Truck and Ty have been updating some things at Calas Galadhon Park and sometimes they get inspired to make some changes:) There’s a new retreat, a small seaside cabin on Gulf of Lune where you can just chill, listen to the sounds of nature, mediate or just spend some time with friends … hopefully gain some perspective and hope in these crazy but enlightening times.  There’s a dance intan and some activities and a bar and a fabulous view. Enjoy!  Here’s your ride!

Thanks to all of you that help keep the Park going by donating regularly – if you enjoy the Park and Ty and Truck’s special builds and fun events, drop some Lindens in when you can – we appreciate every single Linden – Truck spent some decorating the place;)