#SecondLife: Looking for a little escape? Check out a new retreat at Calas Galadhon!

Truck and Ty have been updating some things at Calas Galadhon Park and sometimes they get inspired to make some changes:) There’s a new retreat, a small seaside cabin on Gulf of Lune where you can just chill, listen to the sounds of nature, mediate or just spend some time with friends … hopefully gain some perspective and hope in these crazy but enlightening times.  There’s a dance intan and some activities and a bar and a fabulous view. Enjoy!  Here’s your ride!

Thanks to all of you that help keep the Park going by donating regularly – if you enjoy the Park and Ty and Truck’s special builds and fun events, drop some Lindens in when you can – we appreciate every single Linden – Truck spent some decorating the place;)



Photography Opportunities LMs added to Calas website!

Did you know that World #Photography Day is August 19, 2020? World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. We thought some of you might want to practice;) Check out the new Photogaphy Opps page on our website. Kerena ran around the park finding and landmarking them all! Share the pics you take with the Calas Flickr Group!