It’s almost time for Duncan Bagley at The Dolphin Cafe – 6pm SLT!

Duncan Bagley sings an acoustic potpourri of traditional Celtic and folk songs; covers of artists such as John Denver, Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, and Peter, Paul and Mary. He even sneaks in some show tunes and Sinatra and a number of original compositions, too. Here’s your boat to the show!

TONIGHT DUNCAN BAGLEY AT SKATE-O-RAMA! Savannah Rain Opening Night at Skate-O-Rama video!


TONIGHT join us for a good time at the new Skate-O-Rama featuring Duncan Bagley at 6pm!

For a taste of this new live music venue check out Savannah Rain’s show which opened SKate-O-Rama. The new live music venue by Calas Galadhon Park owners, Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith, will be open for the month of March featuring all the Calas performers live on its stage. Set in the southwestern United States, Skate-O-Rama is not far from the Bates Motel (which we do not recommend) on Route 66. It is said a space ship may have crashed nearby.

Do be careful crossing the highway when you arrive at the bus stop – the semis are often speeding! The cops watch the parking lot carefully so don’t think about taking that vintage T-Bird! Here’s your skate key!

Here’s the video of Savannah’s show – did we catch you falling on your arse!