Join us TONIGHT for Djembe Dragonfire – show starts at 7pm SLT @ the beautiful open air PHOENIX live music venue on New Santorini at Calas Galadhon Park. Here’s your limo:

Chapman Zane at Phoenix, TONIGHT, 7pm SLT!


#SecondLife Join us TONIGHT at PHOENIX, 7pm SLT for a live performance by Chapman Zane! Enjoy music influenced by greats like John Prine, Rhett Miller, Bob Dylan, and Gordon Lightfoot to Doc Watson, Tom Petty, and George Harrison. Chap also writes his own original tunes and you’ll find an old friend in his melodies and tunes. He’s got something up his sleeve for just about everybody’s musical taste. Click here for your ride!

Djembe Dragonfire TONIGHT, 7pm SLT at OZ Nightclub!

#SecondLife Join us this evening at 7pm in the renowned Art Deco OZ Nighclub for an hour with the immensely talented DJEMBE DRAGONFIRE. Come enjoy great music–from croons to classical, from pop to rock–Djembe can deliver to perfection. Formal attire and scripts under 100 please. Here’s your limo: