First, Truck and I want to express how grateful we are for the wonderful support we received this year from our group members and visitors to ‘NEVERLAND‘.
The support through donations, visitations and kind words of appreciation was amazing!  Thank you so much!



In the four weeks of October, we had over 6200 visitors at the main landing point on Neverland with over 3800 of them unique or first time visitors. At the Neverland Pavilion where we held our live music performances for the month we recorded about 2400 visitors with over 1600 of them unique.  This does make me wonder how many folks never found The Portal to the upper level and the Pavilion … 😉

If you haven’t seen the video interview I gave to Designing Worlds about Neverland you can check it out here. Just fast forward with your cursor on the play bar to 14:00 to get to our portion. HALLOWE’EN VENUES 2016.


Many of you know from year’s past, when November arrives Truck and I are already thinking of the Christmas Holidays at Calas.  During the last two weeks of October as peeps explored and enjoyed the Neverland sim below, we were already working on this years Christmas sim.

As the photo shows, we have a bit of a ‘twist’ to this year’s landing point for the special Christmas sim.  Don’t worry though, the ‘Currier & Ives’ style Christmas sim with our



sleighs, skating and the beloved Calas Christmas Pavilion will be your final destination.

Because of RL limits on time this year, we may not be able to complete both the new Christmas build (actually 2 sims ) and the changing over to Winter on the Park sims.  We’ll do our best to do both, but we wanted to give you a heads up in case you were wondering why you are not seeing snow in the Park.  As I mentioned above we will have skating on the new Christmas sim.  As soon as we’ve decided on the name for the build this year we’ll let you know!

Enjoy your November and be sure to vote for Calas  and our performers in this year’s AVI CHOICE AWARDS!

Our best to you,

Ty & Truck

6 thoughts on “WINTER IS COMING …

  1. Ty, Truck and the Calas staff. I am a pretty quiet person and normally wouldn’t post anything but
    I have been in SL for about 3 years now and have been to the Halloween and Christmas sims for all 3 of those years. I am totally amazed at how you guys seem to top yourselves every year. Just when I think I have seen the most amazing things you guys can do you prove me wrong every time.
    Ty, Truck and the Calas staff always make me feel so at home. You guys truly epitomize what a wonderful place SL can be. Thank you so much for what you do.

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    • Thanks so very much JL for your kind words and support. Like Alicia mentioned its time to get those skates sharpened …. not to mention that winter wardrobe as it can be chilly at our Holiday sim though always warm and cozy in the Calas Christmas Pavilion 🙂

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  2. Oh Ty and Truck, whatever would I do without the two of you and your incredible, breathtaking landscapes and your crazy personalities! Neverland was more wonderful than I could have imagined it would be 🙂 Thank you both for being the kind hearted, sharing, generous souls that you are! So proud to know you both and be a tiny part of that Something Wonderful we call Calas Galadhon. Now I am super excited to watch the birth of yet another amazing winter wonderland!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Kerena … we truly don’t know how we’d be able to do what we do at Calas with you, Alicia and Romie taking care of all that you do for us that we are unable to do ourselves. Without you all … and our wonderful group members and visitors it would simply not be possible..

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