Changes on Mirromere / CALAS May donations AWESOME!


Woodland Magic

Woodland Magic

As some of you may know, our MIRROMERE region was one of the three original sims of CALAS along with DIMRILL DALE and of course CALAS GALADHON when the park was created in the fall of 2009.   Since early 2010, except for occasional minor changes it stayed  pretty much the same over the years. This spring we wanted to take time to update this beloved sim, improving on it’s theme. You’ll still find much of the west side of the sim familiar with its Redwoods and overlooks … just improved.

Early Morning Giants

Early Morning Giants

On its’ eastern half The Calas Caverns are gone but in their place … a beautiful mountain meadow, providing more open areas to explore on foot, horseback …. and with the stream running up the center of the valley, by kayak & boat. Until we started ‘digging’ there we didn’t realize we had so much unused space on that side of the sim.

Mirromere Valley

Mirromere Valley

Mirromere Valley 1

We think you’ll come to love its natural beauty along with the many new sitting and dance areas, paths and trails.  Kayaks for public use can be found on the dock at the Park entrance on the CaLas Galadhon sim as well as on GULF OF LUNE, LONG LAKE and ARMENELOS with rowboats on Gulf of Lune & Long Lake.  The horse rezzer is now near the campsite on the western edge.  In addition, the Cuddle Boat Tour of the Northern Regions (the purple one) has been changed to take you up the middle of the valley before heading off to ARMENELOS.

Improved Cuddle Boat Tour of Northern Regions

Improved Cuddle Boat Tour of Northern Regions


May was a wonderful month with 92.4% of the Monthly goal reached! The last couple of years we’ve had to rely on donations to cover a large part (60%) of the costs to keep the park sims together and running with Truck and I picking up the remaining 40%.  The overage this month will help us cover any shortages as we head into the slower summer months when visitor counts go down.

Our deepest gratitude to those who are able to support the CALAS GALADHON PARK sims in this way! Everyone donation, no matter how small helps … Thank you!


We have some fun events planned as we head into the heat of summer …. Watch for upcoming notices!

If you haven’t yet, take some time to explore the changes we made on GULF OF LUNE this past April!

Keeping watch ...

Keeping watch …

Enjoy the month ahead  🙂

Ty & Truck / Calas Galadhon Park Sims




4 thoughts on “Changes on Mirromere / CALAS May donations AWESOME!

    • Sorry you will miss them, Chaos. When Truck and I consider making changes to CALAS we are always aware that changing out may mean taking away … at least for a time … an area or build that means a lot to someone or as with the Santorini build on Armenelos, more than we realized. We definitely take that into consideration before going forward with any change. Taking down a build, be it one area or a complete sim, is always difficult for us. We have SO many ideas for builds with limited space to bring them to life at CALAS. One reason the two of us so enjoy creating our Halloween & Christmas sims each year is that we have an empty canvas before us.

      While the old caverns on Mirromere are gone, I think you can feel confident that with our love for creating and exploring caves and caverns ( remember our last two Halloween sims DARKWOOD & VALYRIA:-) I’m sure some new ones are on their way. 😉

      Until then, our hope is that you will enjoy the beautiful new river valley as much we enjoyed creating it!


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