Calas Galadhon’s 2015 Halloween Sim “Valyria” is now open!

opening posterValyria, the Calas Galadhon Park 2015 Halloween build is now open to the public! It is a sim size build located outside of the Park sims. As in years past, Valyria also has its own live music venue for the month of October – “The Cavern.” Here is October’s Live Music Schedule. This build was inspired by visuals and a story line from the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones so feel free to ‘costume up’ with Medieval, Fantasy or Gorean garb. You are also welcome to show off the wonderfully creative and amazing Halloween outfits and avies we’ve been amazed by year after year. Here is a great review by Inara Pey!

A few tips:

  • NO FLYING – The build was designed to be experienced on foot just like Calas Galadhon Park.
  • Accept our Region Windlight Setting and set PREFERENCES/GRAPHICS/ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL and turn Sounds and Music on. Truck created a great music stream for a more immersive experience.
  • YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO REACH “THE CAVERN,” but there’s a lot to see and do along the way so take your time:)
  • Level One: The City of Valyria, The Pyramid and surrounding countryside where two tours – the Valyrian Boat Tour near the entrance and the Flying Dragon Tour in the City of Valyria will give you an overview.
  • To move on to Level Two and The Cavern music venue you must find and go through THE PORTAL in the City ruins. There are signs and torches to help you find your way. Keep your VALYRIA landmark handy and pick up the flashlight near the entrance!
  • Level Two: ‘THE WALL’ and beyond:)
  • Finally keep an eye out for ‘journey cloths’tp cloth worked– when touched the cloth will take you to unique locations … some can ONLY be reached using them. Once you’ve arrived at one of these locations, look around … you’ll find another cloth close by to continue hopping around 🙂.

Your Dragon Ride to Calas Galadhon’s Valyria – enjoy!

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith


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