Voodoo Shilton A Midsummer Night’s Dream July 22 2015 Photo AlbumS!

Voodoo Shilton 7 20 2015_009Voodoo Shilton 7 20 2015_021OMGods, what a night! Did we catch you over hill, over dale, through bush, through brier, over park, over pale, through flood, through fire, wandering there? There was a lion among ladies, but not such a dreadful thing; Jack had his Jill, nought did go ill, but Buck had not his mare again, still all was well!

See for yourself – did we catch you there?

7PM TONIGHT ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with VOODOO SHILTON


midsummernightsdream sign

A special costume event tonight!  Join us at the meadow above the cliffs of Armenelos as we come together in the spirit of friendship, fun and great music and frolic in the woodlands with our master of Magic .. Voodoo Shilton.  Dress code: Elven, Fae or any other fantasy woodland dweller .. just strip the scripts  .. ;)  (under 100 please).

Your dragonfly to the event !

3 new photo albums – Duncan Bagley; HammerFla Magic & ReggieSunset!

Kerena Zhangsun saved the day catching Duncan Bagley’s show on July 16 and HammerFla Magic’s show on July 19 and we caught ReggieSunset’s show last night – did we catch you at any of these?

2015July16-DuncanBagley_060Duncan Bagley – July 16, 2015 @ The Dolphin Cafe


HammerFla Magic – July 19, 2015 @ The Dolphin Cafe

ReggieSunset 7 20 2015_022

ReggieSunset – July 20, 2015 @ The Dolphin Cafe


TONIGHT 7pm slt ReggieSunset @ THE DOLPHIN CAFE


Poster reggiesunset april copyReady for a dose of Reggie?

Join us as well welcome back the amazing singer/songwriter to The new DOLPHIN CAFE at sunset for an relaxing hour of from one of SL’s best !

Your boat to the show!