Halloween Sim named & Mid Sept Donation totals

To get the business out of the way first, below is the graphic showing the donation totals for the first two weeks of September. As we mentioned in August, donations are down a bit from the last few months , but we are thinking this may still be due to summer vacations, schools starting back up, etc.. Truck and I are committed emotionally and financially to taking us through to the end of the year with the Holidays and Christmas builds already being discussed … As always, thanks so much for your support! Donations by Sim2 Sept 1 -15 2014   Now on to the fun … :) After some thought we’ve finally  named the Halloween sim we’ve been working on the last few weeks!  If you were able to visit last year’s popular  ‘Veil of Darkness’ and our 2012’s ‘Journey to The Lost City’ … you know the immersive environments we are capable of bringing you with this year’s  Halloween sim ‘DARKWOOD’.  The name gives a hint of the theme but it goes way beyond that. Being based ‘somewhat’ … even ‘loosely’ (we take creative liberties as you know..:-)  on  ‘Mirkwood’ from Tolkein’s “The Hobbit”  you’ll find a mix of dark woodland with plenty of opportunities to get hopelessly lost in the dark if you don’t keep to the ‘main’ path. Of course .. getting lost and frightened by what lurks in the blackness is part of the fun of it, right? We’ve mixed in a bit of an elven theme to complete the unique mix of ethereal beauty and brooding darkness that we love to bring to our Calas Halloween builds.  You’ll love the new Halloween Pavilion where we’ll have our live music performances for the month. To top things off we’ll have two tours … a cuddle tour (actually holds three) that will give a good overview of the build as well as a tour that will take you more through the heart of the woodland and hold up to four. Here is another peek into what to expect in October. Click for a larger view. It’s easier to see into the darkness that way :) darkwood pic_002 We’ll keep you posted as the build progresses over the next two weeks.  Our group members, as in the past, will be able to preview the build before we advertise it for the public. If accompanied by Group Members, guests will be welcome. Enjoy the rest of September! Ty & Truck  


New Dolphin Cafe poster .. copy

Join us as we welcome back ReggieSunset to The Dolphin Café on the waters of The Island of Armenelos for a relaxing fun hour listening to the smooth sounds from one of Second Life’s best musicians, singer/ songwriters. Casual dress.  See you then!

your boat to the Island


Join us as today at 2pm (slt) as we welcome back Samm Quendra today at Oz Nightclub.  Our Angel of Calas.

It’s going to be a wonderful hour of music from one of SL’s most talented performers .. Dress up  …. Formal requested …and join the fun!


Your balloon to ‘OZ’


September 2014 Field Notes

A recent visitor to the Park may have noticed that the vibrant colors of autumn are gradually making their way across each sim.  Last year we had closed the park for the month of August to make this seasonal change but felt keeping the sims open during the change this year was best.

Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014


As we’ve done for the last 5 years, our Autumn / Fall season will last until the first of November when we’ll gradually start turning four of the sims to the glistening white snows of Winter, ending the year with another wonderful Holiday Season which ‘Calas’ has been known for in years past.  Since the three original sims of the Park (Calas Galadhon, Dimrill Dale & Mirromere) first opened to the public in the winter of 2009, this Holiday Season will be our 6th … a lifetime in Second Life ;-) We have been grateful for each one.

Below you will find the graphic providing the figures on the Park’s donation totals for August 2014.  With less traffic on the sims due to summer vacations, etc., the donation totals were a bit less than in months past, but this was expected and planned for.  We are indeed grateful to all who have been able to support the Park sims in this way.  Whether it be through your donations, your kind words of appreciation, your presence in the park, the sharing of ‘Calas’ with friends or attendance at our events, your support means a lot to us.

Park Donations August 2014

Park Donations August 2014

Looking forward to October

As most of you know, next to the Christmas Holidays, Halloween in a favorite time of year for Truck and I at ‘Calas’.

which way now?

which way now?

We wanted to let you know that we are already at work on another special Halloween sim … outside the borders of the Park … so prepare yourself for another surprise when it opens :-)  We’ll fill you in with the details (and more sneak peek photos) as things progress.  As in years past, we will open the build to our Calas Announcement Group members first for a day or two to explore on their own … before opening it to the public. Watch for future announcements.


Enjoy your September!

With gratitude and affection,

Ty & Truck