Tonight – Duncan Bagley live at The Dolphin Cafe at 7 pm SLT – on the island of Armenelos in Calas Galadhon Park!

Join us on the terrace of The Dolphin Cafe as we welcome back Duncan Bagley to serenade us with ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’   …from love songs, ballads to bawdy irish pub tunes ;) always a fun, laid back and entertaining evening when Duncan’s at The Dolphin Café! ..Casual attire

your boat to the Island of Armenelos …

DUNCAN SEPT 2013copy

Progress on Park Donations July 1st – 15th, 2014

Below you will find the graphic which shows how support through visitor donations is progressing for the month of July 2014.

Donations by Sim2 July 1 -15 2014

As we’ve made clear in the monthly ‘Calas Field Notes’ from March through June ,Truck and I are not able,  after five years or doing so, to continue funding the full monthly cost of the sims. It is primarily through the kind and generous support of it’s visitors and group members that all of the 11 parkland sim of Calas Galadhon remain.

The future is never certain, (for instance, the Park usually slows down in the summer), but as long as we are able and the interest is there, we’ll carry on with our work doing the best we can to bring you the unique Second Life experience you’ve come to expect when visiting the Calas Galadhon Park.

Our heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and continued support.

Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith




New Dolphin Cafe poster .. copy

Join us as we welcome back ReggieSunset to The Dolphin Café on the waters of The Island of Armenelos for a relaxing fun hour listening to the smooth sounds from one of Second Life’s best musicians, singer/ songwriters. Casual dress.  See you then!

your boat to the Island

Photobombs from Voodoo Shilton show last night & news on Calas Cuddle Boats!

Check out the Photobomb’s from last night’s Voodoo Shilton show at OZ!

New Cuddle Boat_001And, check out the new Cuddle Boat tour which will take you through the Calas southern sims, including the newly redone South Farthing sim, which is a tad shorter than the others, but just as beautiful a ride. You can take a TP to the new tour from where the existing tours are located at the dock of Calas Galadhon sim or via this SLURL

All three Cuddle Boats have a new cuddle in the back and two single sits in the front. Enjoy!


Join us tonight as we welcome back VOODOO SHILTON to ‘OZ’ Nightclub for an hour from one of the best live music performers and musicians in Second Life! Formal attire.  Dress up and join in the fun.  Come early, stay late ;)  Here’s a limo – come in style!VOODOO by himself at OZ copy