Calas Galadhon nominations for Avi Choice Awards 2016


The grand finale Avi Choice Awards will be presented December 4, 2016.

Nominations are now open for the final Avi Choice Awards for this last year. Calas has an opportunity in several of the Avi Choice SLife and Arts categories. In the SLife category we hope you will consider nominating and voting for Calas Galadhon Park in the following divisions:

  • FAVORITE SIM DESIGNER/CREATOR (Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith for Calas Galadhon Park)
  • FAVORITE ANNUAL EVENT (for Calas Halloween 2015 Event – “Valyria” and Calas 2015 Holiday Event – “White Christmas”)
  • FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVENT OR PRODUCTION (for Calas Halloween 2015 Event – “Valyria” and Calas 2015 Holiday Event – “White Christmas”)

Here are some videos to jog your memory:)

Valyria –

White Christmas –
You can nominate/vote in those divisions here: SLifeYou will need Calas Galadhon Park’s owner names in this format:  Tymus Tenk ( & Truck Meredith ( will also need to provide your SL name in the same format in order to nominate and vote. Go to either your Account inworld under Avatar and click on My Second Life or use a browser and go to Second Life and login to your account and do the same.  Click on the person silhouette or your photo with your name beside it.  Once you do that the url you need for your name will appear in the site information box above it.In the Arts category there are also opportunities to nominate and vote for your favorite Calas Live Music Venue – either OZ Night Club or The Dolphin Cafe – in the FAVORITE LIVE MUSIC VENUE division.In addition, Calas encourages you to support our wonderful live music performers in their appropriate Arts category divisions (FAVORITE COUNTRY SINGER, FAVORITE POP SINGER, FAVORITE JAZZ ARTIST/MUSICIAN, FAVORITE BLUES SINGER, FAVORITE SINGER IN CLASSICAL, STANDARDS OR BALLADS, FAVORITE MALE PERFORMER, FAVORITE FEMALE PERFORMER):

  • Duncan Bagley
  • Zachh Cale
  • Samm Qendra
  • Savannah Rain
  • Voodoo Shilton
  • ReggieSunset
  • Chapman Zane

You can nominate/vote for Calas live music venues and our performers here: the Arts

In addition you might consider Calas in the following division:

  • FAVORITE CLUB/VENUE HOST OR HOSTESS (OZ Night Club – Kerena Zhangsun; The Dolphin Cafe – Alicia Underby)

The deadline for Avi Choice nominee submissions is October 12th at 8pm SLT.

The Avi Choice Awards voting will close on November 28th at 3pm SLT.

Thank you for considering Calas Galadhon Park and our performers for the Avi Choice Awards this year!

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