Tonight! Celebrating America’s Independence Day … ‘CALAS’ style!

4th of July Celebration 2015 copy

Take part in one of Calas Galadhon Park’s traditions tonight (since 2010) as we come together at The Dolphin Café to celebrate the 4th of July as the talented HammerFla Magic returns at 7PM slt to entertain us with a wonderful hour of music and song followed at 8PM with a fantastic Fireworks display  to end the evenings fun and festivities. Once again, Truck has put together another  awesome music stream for the fireworks.

While the Fireworks may be viewed from some of the adjoining sims please note that the Belegaer sim (the sailing ship) will be closed and that both Long Lake & Grey Havens will only hold 8 avies at any one time.

We do expect a big turnout so when you dress for tonight in your new 4th of July outfits  just please limit your scripts at a bare minimum … No more than 100.

Also to help reduce lag, we will also ask that you take a seat (if not dancing) on one of the many cushions, benches or special balloons (for couples) around the Armenelos sim.

Your balloon to The Dolphin Café!




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