With renovations on the Armenelos sim (includingThe Dolphin Café) and the new Long Lake sim complete, we will officially open both regions tomorrow morning! We will do our best to get up and moving by 9 am slt at the latest.  We will send the new LM’s with tomorrows notice. While you can enter Long Lake now (the balloon needed to pass through), the Security Orb on Armenelos is still in place for tonight as we tidy things up 🙂


As with all of the sims in the Park, the best way to explore is on foot, horseback or kayak .  Although personally, I’ve always thought there is a bit too much flying in SL when it comes to ‘natural sims’ (I know, Ty can be so old fashioned) … one misses so much … fly has been left on. How many of your remember that when Calas Galadhon was born in 2009 that we had fly turned off, I think at least for the first two years. lol

Like all of ‘Calas’ we have placed a lot of detail so take your time and enjoy!

A few things to watch for while you explore:

. we’ve placed a couple sign posts to help you on your way (actually placed to help Truck not get lost.)

. with the Long Lake sim finished one can now ride or walk all the from the Park Entrance on the CALAS GALADHON sim to ARMENELOS.  The trail across Long Lake starts at the very north end of MISTY MOUNTAINS (the end of the canyon trail).

. a lot of new areas for cuddling, dancing, visiting with friends and quiet contemplation.

.there is a kayak near the Asian Pavilion on Armenelos and one on the Long Lake sim for your use. Kayaking through in and around these new areas is really worth wearing yourself out with the exercise (cough). The views are amazing 😉

. the rope traverse and glides (great fun)

. see if you can find your way to the newly renovated Dolphin Café by foot.  It can be easy to miss the trail. We’ll start back with our live music events this coming Monday, March 9th,  with HammerFla Magic at The Dolphin Café  …. 6pm.  Watch for the notice!

The 'new' Dolphin Café on Armenelos

The ‘new’ Dolphin Café on Armenelos

. the new ‘cuddle boat’ tour which takes you around Armenelos and Long Lake.  Keep in mind that because Long Lake is an ‘open space’ sim, like Eryn Vorn, South Farthing, Belegaer and Grey Havens, it allows only 8 avies at one time.  While it has seldom been a problem, once the ‘newness’ wears off, it may happen that while exploring Long Lake, in the cuddle boat or flying over in the balloon, you may get a ‘region is full’ notice until someone / boat/ balloon passes.

We hope you have as much fun exploring as we have had in making these changes.


Last year we provided you with a monthly report on the amount of donations received … sim by sim and the Park total.  With the new web based donation kiosks in place, our visitors can now see for themselves how the Park is doing in reaching its monthly target amount any given month. One can also go to the link at the top of the Home page at WWW.CALASGALADHON.COM at any time to see how things are going.

New Park Donation Kiosk

New Park Donation Kiosk

As we mentioned in March of last year Truck and I are still committed to covering 40% of the current Monthly Target Amount (386,000L) with the remainder being covered by visitor donations.  If support for the Park continues as it did last year we should be in good shape for the rest of 2015.  We’ll continue to do our best in providing the SL public with a unique and positive experience as long as we are able and the support is there.

Watch for tomorrows opening notice!


  1. Congratulations on your hard work Ty & Truck, I look forward to finding the land bridge to Armenelos sim since I could not see it yesterday. I also look forward to Dancing again at the New Dolphin Club.


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