Not long now :) … new Armenelos to open soon!


With March approaching it will not be long before we will be re-opening the gates to the new Armenelos and The Dolphin Café.  With the main layout and features already in place we are busy now putting in the finishing touches, adding detail, wildlife, checking for things (cuddles, dance areas, seating, etc.)we might have missed (or not thought of yet) … all in an effort to improve the experience for the new visitors. With having to get ready or an out of state move next month, I feel a bit behind, but do love what is happening over there 🙂  We hope you do too.   We’ll try and get the Cuddle Boat Tour of the Northern Sims running again .. with its new route .. before we open.  Installing a new route for the Calas Balloon over that area may be delayed a bit, but we’re pretty sure it will be in place shortly after the opening.

While camming in from the Armenelos Observation point may give you some idea of what is going on over there, we thought it was about time to post a few peeks of the new woodlands.  Great vistas, areas, activities and of course cuddles, dancing and areas for sitting, being quiet and just taking it all in .

We’ll keep you updated about opening day.

Enjoy your weekend!


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