The Calas Victorian Garden Terrace & Waterfront Opens

Our work on ‘revitalizing’ the Main Street and dock area at the Park Entrance sim of Calas Galadhon is finally complete (minus a few tweaks in the days ahead:).  I had some reservations about making such a big change on Main St … afterall … having shops (no retail) on Main Street was a part of the plan since 2009 … but now that the project is complete .. we love it!  We hope you will as well.  From the start Truck and I wanted to make this space more ‘useable’ for our guests. Seeing that this sim was primarily being used as a spot to sit, cuddle, dance or ‘dine’ ;-), creating more beautiful and romantic spots to do so … and keeping the ambience and beauty of the sim  … seemed the right thing to do. At the new Victorian Garden Terrace and the new waterfront/dock area you will find both fit the plan perfectly.  A continental breakfast (in a Victorian kind of way… 🙂  is even served up fresh each day … well … how fresh the goodies are depends entirely on Truck.  I just take care of the garden 😛

The  plan also included bringing back the original waterway we had between Calas Galadhon & Dimrill Dale. Alhough we have just started this project, we wanted to let you know we have plans to create another cuddle boat tour of the back sims via a different route  … one that will be shorter in duration (as requested by some) than the two tours we currently have.  Once the waters freeze over during the holidays, one will also be able to skate again to the southerns sims as was possible in years past.

As an added bonus for the renovations we substantually reduced the number of prims and scripts in use on this sim hopefully making it a bit easier to move there when crowded. Let us know if it has helped … particularly with those who’s systems have a hard time on that sim.

As long as we continue to have your appreciation and show of support for the Calas Galadhon Park sims, we will continue to bring you some of the very best in your Second Life experience.

Below you will find some photos of the new changes on Main Street as well as a peek of what we are working on for the new cuddle boat tour 🙂  If not too lazy pay us a visit this weekend and take a look for yourself!



One thought on “The Calas Victorian Garden Terrace & Waterfront Opens

  1. Always always you never fail to amaze me with both of your talents and such creativity ~ looks so magical and inviting and I can see that you just keep outdoing yourselves ~ love it as you know am one of your biggest fans and always will be ~ thank you Ty and Truck for opening this as all the rest of your sims to us ~ hugzz


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