It is only a little over a week until we reopen … if all goes well, it should be on the morning of Monday, Sept 2 🙂

Good news is that we were able to save some water to boat and sail on by keeping the BELEGAER region.  This is good in that while we originally thought we’d  be losing 4 of the sims, we have only had to lose the two … Sea of Nurnen & Bay of Balfalas.

We are both busy trying to get all in place again by the time you return. You will see some changes on Gulf of Lune … some pleasant surprises … and bigger changes on Dimrill Dale and Grey Havens.  Add to that the Park bursting with Autumn colors and you have an experience well worth waiting for…

I’ve not had time yet to change the seasons on Misty Mountains & Mirromere, but rather than keep our members waiting, I may put up our ‘Men at Work’ signs and work on it in September.

Watch for one more update before we reopen.

Enjoy your weekend and the week to come – see you in September! 😉

Ty & Truck

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