Welcome to Calas Galadhon …

2013 AVI CHOICE AWARD for Favorite Sim Build

Enjoy Truck Meredith’s music selection:

Welcome to Calas … where we do our best to bring the beauty of our natural world into Second Life!

We update, add and make seasonal changes so there’s always something new. The Calas Field Notes Archive has the sim changes if there’s no Field Note  posted here. Please read Calas Park Rules, Lag Tips, and if you’re members, see the inworld Calas Announcement Group info. There are links to popular info in sidebars on each page. The Calas Blog below has the latest news. This is a reference guide to Calas Galadhon – we hope it enhances your park visit               Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith


Spring on the Calas Galadhon Park Sims came early this year … hopefully providing a well deserved break and giving some peace to those who were faced with a RL winter that resisted letting go. We hope the changes made as the green and flowers of spring swept across the Park were ones that improved the SL experience of each of you.

standing tall

standing tall

We want to update you on how well donations went for the Park this past month but first we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many who donated in March. Without this type of support, keeping Calas as close to what it is today would not be possible. As with any privately owned sim or venue made public, any donation, no matter how small, does indeed make a difference. It did so here :  (click on thumbnail to view)

Donations by Sim2 March 2014You can refer to the March 2014 Field Notes - Sustaining Calas for more info and Feb figures.

Though Truck and I had some idea that having Calas around on the grid was important to many of you, we must say we were a bit surprised and definitely touched at the response this past month. Our visitors and members, through their donations, covered almost 60 percent of the total fees for the park! Truck and I  stick close to home in SL, but from what we gather, this level of support from members and visitors to any number of sims is uncommon … pretty amazing really. As we’ve said many times, Calas is as much its members and visitors as it is the woods, grassland, marsh and builds that covers its regions.

We realize that donations can fluctuate, but we feel ‘cautiously’ optimistic that if this level of support continues, with Truck and I picking up the remaining 40% of the cost, the changes to Calas should be minimal if necessary at all.

Having taken what steps we can … while grounding ourselves in the present … enjoying Calas as it is today … we think the best policy is to let the future unfold as it will. It’s all any of us can ever really do :-)

One final note:

As we gathered the donations from each of the sims, it did not go unnoticed how much the wooded sims of Misty Mountains and Mirromere as well as Calas Galadhon (the mother sim herself), mean to many of you.

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” ― Maya Angelou

With respect and deepest gratitude,

Ty & Truck


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TONIGHT  7PM slt @ OZ Nightclub

We are excited to welcome back our resident Wizard .. Antonio Galloway .. to our unique, Art Deco style “OZ” nightclub … joining us once again as we bring back live music to Calas for the first time since January!

Join us among the glitz, glamour, fun and with one of the most talented performers in SL.

Dress up (be sparing with your scripts) .. its always a Formal occasion at OZ ;)

your limo awaits …


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