Welcome to Calas Galadhon …

2013 AVI CHOICE AWARD for Favorite Sim Build


Welcome to Calas … where we do our best to bring the beauty of our natural world into Second Life!

We update, add and make seasonal changes so there’s always something new. The Calas Field Notes Archive has the sim changes if there’s no Field Note  posted here. Please read Calas Park Rules, Lag Tips, and if you’re members, see the inworld Calas Announcement Group info. There are links to popular info in sidebars on each page. The Calas Blog below has the latest news. This is a reference guide to Calas Galadhon – we hope it enhances your park visit               Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith

Enjoy Truck Meredith’s music selection:

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Photos of the Calas Galadhon Christmas Tree “Lighting” are up!

christmas tree lighting_010It is the most beautiful tree in all of Second Life and we have the photos to prove it – see it rez and suddenly appear and then go on a little skating tour with owners Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith – they are handsome but it’s the landscape they are skating through that is really worth looking at – enjoy! Thank you everyone for coming – looks like everyone enjoyed the Christmas Tree and the lovely Christmas music stream – did we catch you?

Check it out!

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