#SecondLife: Looking for a little escape? Check out a new retreat at Calas Galadhon!

Truck and Ty have been updating some things at Calas Galadhon Park and sometimes they get inspired to make some changes:) There’s a new retreat, a small seaside cabin on Gulf of Lune where you can just chill, listen to the sounds of nature, mediate or just spend some time with friends … hopefully gain some perspective and hope in these crazy but enlightening times.  There’s a dance intan and some activities and a bar and a fabulous view. Enjoy!  Here’s your ride!

Thanks to all of you that help keep the Park going by donating regularly – if you enjoy the Park and Ty and Truck’s special builds and fun events, drop some Lindens in when you can – we appreciate every single Linden – Truck spent some decorating the place;)