DJ Eduardo spins Halloween fun at the spectacular Shadowfell, the 2022 Calas Galadhon Halloween Build, 2-4pm SLT TODAY! Come dance with us – Elven or fantasy mystical attire encouraged, but please limit your scripts to no more than 100. The LM for the music venue is

If you haven’t seen Shadowfell yet, come early and explore this great Halloween build: ENTRANCE:

DJ Eduardo spins ABBA @ SKATE 0 RAMA FRIDAY, SEPT 16, 2-4PM SLT!

#SecondLife Join us for an ABBA dance party Friday, September 16, 2-4pm SLT @ Calas Galadhon’s Skate O Rama! DJ Eduardo will spin the greatest ABBA hits for your dancing or skating pleasure:) You’re welcome to wear your craziest ABBA outfit, but keep scripts under 100! Here’s your ride:

Skate O Rama is open 24/7 so you can practice anytime – and get your free skates!

Now to 4pm SLT Calas Galadhon’s Carnival – with Hot Latin Music by DJ Eduardo!

Rio Carnival has been postponed indefinitely RL but the Calas Rio “bloco” celebrating the occasion with music and dancing is on again this year! Join us for DJ Eduardo’s sambas and other hot Latin tunes for dancing! Kerena has decorated Phoenix so all we need is you costumed up in your choice of “carnival” festival garb. The music is Latin after Rio’s Carnival, but you’re welcome to do costuming a la Mardi Gras, Venice Carnival, or wherever – google for fashion – which often includes fantasy characters and masked ball styles – can’t wait to see your creativity! (Calas’s conservative dress still applies – bits must be reasonably covered lol!) Scripts 100 or less!

Join us for two hours of revelry!  Here’s your float!