The Christmas Gala featuring Zachh Cale & F L Y at “A Christmas Dream” TONIGHT 7pm SLT!

You are invited to the 2020 CALAS CHRISTMAS GALA featuring:

ZACHH CALE and F L Y dual streaming at the Calas Christmas Pavilion! Join us tonight at 7pm dressed in your finest FORMAL HOLIDAY ATTIRE. (Scripts limit of 100 enforced) Zachh is renowned for his amazing piano and vocals, F L Y will astound you with her incredibly beautiful violin performance–together they create musical magic!
Your sleigh to the festivities!

Here’s the Live Music Schedule for December and a little preview tease of the 2020 build:

Preview of A Christmas Dream

NOTE: Scripts must be under 100! (Many scripted items on the sim so no exceptions will be made.) For live music events, restarts will be done from 5-6pm SLT so sim will be closed at that time!

Here’s your sleigh ride!

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