TODAY Calas Galadhon’s Carnival – with Hot Latin Music by DJ Eduardo – Sat, Feb 29, 2-4pm SLT!

We can’t quite replicate the fantastic parades of a typical Rio Carnival but we thought we could manage a traditional Rio block party, a “bloco”, where neighbors gather to celebrate with music and dancing.  Join us for Calas Galadhon’s “bloco” honoring Rio Carnival!

DJ Eduardo will spin some sambas and hot Latin tunes for dancing! Kerena has been busy decorating the parade route and the Phoenix, the beach and Santorini landing where we will party hardy!

Costume up in your choice of “carnival” festival garb. The music is Latin after Rio’s Carnival, but you’re welcome to do costuming a la Mardi Gras, Venice Carnival, or wherever – google for fashion – which often includes fantasy characters and masked ball styles – can’t wait to see your creativity! (Calas’s conservative dress still applies – bits must be reasonably covered lol!) Scripts 100 or less!

Join us for two hours of revelry!  Here’s your float!

P.S. Dancing hintsJenna Dirval will be there to dance you, there are Latin couple dances in the intans at each party site and Kerena’s line dance pad has been loaded with Latin dances:)  For the parades between each site, if you want to join in, you must hop on Jenna’s or another staff member’s hud because the couples dances don’t allow you to move! The key is to get on a staff dance hud and  turn off your AO so that you can follow us in a “parade” from party site to party site;)

(You can also just stay at any of the party sites, or TP to the other sites – the music will be on both sims)

HISTORY – Carnival, from the Latin ‘carnem levare’ meaning ‘without meat is celebrated all over  leading up to Lent. ‘Entrudo,’ the  Portuguese celebration, is said to have inspired Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the largest festival in the world. We’re holding it in our Greek village, because the Greek version – “Apokries” started it all evolving from feasts honoring the wine gods that turned into “fat” festivals before Lent worldwide!

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