More Valentines from Calas Galadhon Park!

Ty and Truck decorated for Valentine’s Day if you are looking for a romantic place to hang out this week – check out Calas Galadhon Park;)

There are added photo opportunities for Valentines and momentos:

This one offers balloons with each pose – look for the pop up m.


And there’s the new balloon “Island Tour” that takes you on a romantic tour to the New Santorini & Lost Gardens of Thera “resort” for a vacation getaway with someone special.

You can choose it from the new menu at the balloon dock in the park’s main sim, Calas Galadhon. And there is a return ride at the steps leading up to Santorini back to the park – each ride is about 25 minutes. Here are your LMS for each:)

Island Tour from Calas Galadhon

Return to Park from New Santorini


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