ICYMI Calas Galadhon Park adds the Villa Eirini to its charm…

Calas Galadhon Park announces a new feature to enjoy – Villa Eirini provides a place to relax, enjoy the view and explore a new build by Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith.  Like the rest of the park, Villa Eirini features lots of detail, with places to sit, relax and cuddle, as well as dance intans. Beautifully furnished to delight the eye and intrigue you with amusing and creative details, the Villa itself is a treasure. And, don’t miss the Zen garden with its waterfalls, clear flowing stream, beautiful flora and delightful fauna – the perfect environment for tranquility, calmness and peace! Villa Eirini is a great spot for a virtual holiday on your own, with someone special or a group of friends for a getaway party! Oh, and there’s a great view!

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You can also hop on a paddle boat or pontoon boat at the dock!  Now open to the public – enjoy! Here’s your uber!

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