Changes for 2020!

To our Calas family of members,

Truck and I wanted to let you know that Alicia Underby, who has been managing the Calas Live Music Program for the past 6 years, is “retiring” from that position.  She has done a wonderful job for Truck and I for many years now and we are sad to see her leave.  But, as you all know, real life sometimes needs more attention than SL allows.  So, although Alicia says she will still be around some, she feels it best to limit her responsibilities inworld.  We cannot really replace her, of course, but fortunately we have found someone who can help us with the Live Music Program going forward.

Alicia wants to close out the year with the Christmas music program so starting in January, Jenna Dirval will begin working on the Live Music Program for 2020.  Since we plan to take our annual break in January, this will allow her a month to get things started for 2020.  She is already “in training” with Alicia! As many of you know, Jenna has been a great supporter of live music in SL for many years and has experience working with performers and managing her own FlyGearz shows.  We have every confidence in Jenna and know the transition will be smooth.  We are very lucky to have her and ask you to join us in welcoming Jenna to the Calas staff!

There are really no words for how much we will miss Alicia.  She has become part of our “family” and in addition to the Alicia you see at our events, we have such fond memories of our times together behind the scenes. She has become a close friend to Truck, I, Kerena and Romie.  Besides the Live Music Program, Alicia has been an important part of the team it takes to manage and maintain Calas Galadhon Park and all our special builds.  We will miss her support more than we can say but are comforted by her promise to still come around and be available to help when necessary. We are holding you to that promise Alicia!

Welcome Jenna, and our best wishes to Alicia – not saying good-bye, Alicia, just till we hug again!

P.S. Hope this brings you some chuckles, Alicia: Sweet Memories!

Ty & Truck

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