TODAY, December 16, 2pm SLT, a very special Christmas Particle Show @ “A Midnight Clear!”

Join us TODAY, Sunday, December 16, at 2pm SLT, as Kurk Mumfuzz and Delain Canucci will present a special 30 minute Christmas Particle Show at “A Midnight Clear.” Please arrive early so that the show can be cached so you will be able to enjoy it fully.  There will be special adjustments made at the sim for the show so some areas and activities will not be available during this time to optimize viewing. Note special viewing instructions listed below:)  Here’s your ride!

Particle Viewing Tips:

  • Set draw distance at least 150 up to 250.
  • The Region Windlight will be set appropriately but if you have not accepted it, use a Midnight setting (particles look best at midnight)
  • Set Particle amount to max (use Preferences to set this)
  • Zooming out may help the show run more smoothly for you – something to try – every computer reacts differently.
  • Glow should not be higher than 2 (Also in Preferences under Graphics/Rendering/Miscellaneous. Set Render Glow Strength to 2.)
  • Set Avatar Complexity on No Limit.
  • Particles do not lag a sim, but it can slow your FPS – this is always client side – depending on your graphics card.
  • Scripts can lag the server so please adhere to this for Scripts:
    • Script Amount: 100 scripts max
    • Script Memory: 3mb max

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