#SecondLife Join us TONIGHT, July 7th at 8pm as FlyGearz returns to it’s home base orbiting around the lovely Calas Galadhon sims! What is FlyGearz? First and foremost, we are a group of like minded, carefree dance oriented, party peeps! Think of your self as a passenger on board the magical Danceship “Alice II” where your in-flight entertainment is YOU; dancing like crazy! AND we’ll be dancing live to YOUR music requests! What makes us different is it’s two choreographers (Jenna Dirval and Kiran Sporg), two dance huds and shared movers – you won’t know who’s dancing you ’till we tell you! Please keep your scripts under 100! Please arrive at least 15 minutes before 8PM so there’s time to cache the dances:)  Here’s your shuttlecraft to the Alice II!

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