To our Calas group members, friends and family,

Over the past few months, some group members and visitors have expressed concern that they’ve not heard from Truck or I regarding any upcoming 2018 ‘special builds/sims’ since the holidays.

We felt we should explain.

In years past we’ve usually squeezed in a couple builds between February and September when we start to work on the annual Halloween and Christmas Sims.  In 2017 we had ‘Skate O Rama’, ‘Truck’s Trailer Park’ and ‘Black & White OZ’.

Last year, as we closed the ‘Dark Moon’ Halloween sim, coming out of nowhere, RL hit us hard when Truck found himself dealing with some serious health issues which would keep him from participating as much as in years past. In November, with all that was going on in RL, there was a time or two where I just didn’t see us completing the “Home for Christmas” build, let alone handling the performances and enjoying our annual Calas holiday season with our friends, visitors and members.

Thanks to the help and support of friends and members – while we weren’t able to turn some of the Calas park sims to winter like we have in years past – we did manage to bring to Calas another magical Holiday build.

While Truck continues his recovery, this past month I’ve found myself dealing with a health issue of my own that requires I cut back significantly on computer time as well … at least for a time. We both still love the work, but find that these days we just aren’t able to spend as much time at the computer. We are 11 years older than when we started in SL, nine of which have been devoted to Calas.

I will be checking on the sims for short periods each week as able, to make sure the Park is running smoothly.

If you need help while visiting Calas, notice a tour is not working, something out of place or having trouble with another visitor, please reach out in Group Chat first to see if staff is available to help. Usually either Alicia Underby, Kerena Zhangsun or Romie Vella are around.  If not, you are welcome to leave them an IM with a notecard and we’ll take care of it as soon as possible.

Our live music program will continue as is for now with Truck and I co-hosting our shows with Alicia, Kerena and Romie whenever possible during this period.

As Truck and I have certainly found out in the past year, none of us can ever be sure what the future brings, but we can be hopeful that with your continued support and some healing and wise work habits on our part, there are still a number of adventures, fun experiences and builds at Calas to look forward to.

We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks so much for helping us keep the Calas Galadhon Park sims a reality in Second Life.  It means a lot to both of us.

Ty & Truck

14 thoughts on “To our Calas group members, friends and family,

  1. totally understand how you both feeling…i’m sure everyone feels blessed to have Calas as much as i do since it brings alot of relaxation to what rl can bring to us…my rl is very harsh for 20 yrs now…never feel you both have to push yourself…much huggs

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  2. We.
    you both.
    Calas is a significant part of what has made Second Life magical and theraputic for me for over ten years. Not only are you the finest region designers on the globe, but the most gracious and kind hosts as well.
    As important as the park is to me your well-being is more important and I wish for your personal needs to be met first and foremost.
    Thank you deeply for what you’ve done for all of us, and may your recovery be swift and smooth.


  3. We of course all miss you both, but your health and well-being should always be your top priority. You have given so much to the SL community. We are in awe of what you do for us in the classy and elegant way that you always have. Blessings to you both and please take care of yourselves.

    Love, Mary Zimmer and JacksonTrig


  4. Take care of yourselves in whatever ways work best for you, Ty and Truck. You are treasures in SL, RL, and every other version of life :>) . Good, healing vibes and much gratitude for all you’ve done and continue to do. Angharad & Draughn


  5. Wishing you both the best of health, happiness, and prosperity, and with profound gratitude for all you have done in providing Second Life with the wonderful realm of Calas Galadhon.


  6. Your work and efforts are always appreciated. I am very sorry to hear of the challenges you both have been facing. Please know you’re both in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you both for allowing my little avatar to always feel at home. Much love and hugs to you both. Sincerely, Mel (meloncholy melody)


  7. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as always and completely understand. Our aging is something that we deal with, each in their own way. When health issues come up, then doing what is best for you is what should be done. Much love to you both as you deal with things and continue to find what works best for you.


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