#SecondLife Calas Galadhon Park unveils a new tour for Valentine’s Day!

#SecondLife Calas Galadhon Park adds to Valentine’s Day with a special new tour – the Cuddle Boat with the red heart-shaped balloon will take you on a romantic tour of Southern Sims and through a new cavern surprise!

There are Valentines Balloons around the sim to help identify other opportunities for romance 🙂 And, here’s is a list of special poses we’ve put out for that special Valentine moment 🙂

Calas is decorated for Valentine’s Day – there’s even a kissing booth and some free kisses! There’s the unique Calas stream of beautiful music. And, best of all, lots of beautiful places to enjoy with the people you love. All of the music and dance venues – The Dolphin Cafe, OZ Night Club, The Garden Terrace and even The Wine Bar and The Bakery Patio are full of hearts and flowers.  Spring is bursting out all over and there might be a surprise if Ty can get it together tonight;) Come spend Valentine’s Day at Calas – here’s your ride!

P.S. There are bouquets of roses to buy for the people you love, too!

And, you definitely want to join us for Savannah Rain’s Valentine Show at OZ Night Club 7pm SLT – here’s your ride! 


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