Only 24 hours left at the Calas Galadhon 2017 holiday build “Home for Christmas” #SecondLife

#SecondLife If you have not visited yet, the Calas Galadhon 2017 holiday build, a consistent award winner, will close Saturday morning. Meanwhile, please be our guests for one last skate around the most beautiful Christmas Tree in #SecondLife, try some cross-country skiing, ride the new WH Reindeer, enjoy a tour of the sims – there are two – via hot air balloon or sleighs, bring your horses and ride in the snow, dance to the custom Christmas stream – no ads – in the magnificent Christmas Pavilion with its own glorious tree surrounded by toys and gifts and have a treat in the sitting room with the giant fireplace and lots more decorated Christmas trees.  Here’s your sleigh ride to “Home for Christmas.”

Tick tock…

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