Wanna dance? Calas music venues include 24/7 custom stream (no ads) & great live music events!

The Dolphin Cafe, surrounded by the sea, an open air venue, lovely at sunset with seagulls and dolphins playing!

TP to The Dolphin

In addition to the many, many intans scattered throughout the park for intimate romantic dancing, did you know there are four “music venues” at Calas Galadhon Park? Some, like The Dolphin Cafe and OZ Night Club, also regularly host live music events.

The OZ Night Club Terrace under the stars with city lights twinkling below…

TP to OZ Night Club

The elegant art deco OZ Night Club…

Some, like The Garden Terrace, occasionally host live music, but also provide a gorgeous outdoor dance floor!

The Garden Terrace glitters under the stars and is lovely at sunrise and sunset…

TP to The Garden Terrace

And, there are some intimate little venues like the Calas Wine Bar with its lovely enclosed garden patio.

The Calas Wine Bar, an intimate room for dancing, playing the piano, or having a nice glass of wine…

TP to The Calas Wine Bar

The Wine Bar Garden Patio…a pretty, intimate setting for a romantic dance…

All feature the Calas custom stream – never any ads and you’ll never hear the same song twice!  Intans also have lots of dance choices! Available 24/7, often seasonally decorated…check them out;)

Live Music coming up: http://www.calasgaladhon.com  (TONIGHT, Monday, November 6, Reggie Sunset!)

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