Calas Galadhon Park adds “Coast Trail” for horseback riders!

Calling all trail riders, Calas Galadhon Park has developed and marked a new trail, the “Coast Trail” that allows you to ride from Dimrill Dale at the bridge to Calas Galadhon across to Mirromere’s Redwood forest and on along the cliffs through Misty Mountains, across the islands of Long Lake, to a small village of sparkling white and blue Greek cottages on the new peninsula that crosses Belegear and carries you to Gulf of Lune, the sea marsh and back to Dimrill Dale.

Follow the “Coast Trail” signs and look for lanterns, sunbeams, the arch of trees and the white stones and lichen along the forest paths. Sometimes the way is clear – a dirt path or a bridge or clearing in the grasses and sometimes a field of flowers will lead you.

Don’t be afraid to wander off the path and explore – have you seen the giant Buddha in the field of blue flowers? The Japanese Tea House?  The woodcutters cabin? The long flat plain along the river for cantering?

Bring your own Water Horse Riding horses or rez a WH Riding Horse at Glanduin or Mirromere.  If you have a friend who’d like to ride double – there’s now a WH Riding Horse rezzer for double riding – rez your horse first, then use the double rider rezzer!

Also, for our Teegle and Breeders Choice horse friends, remember there are riding system rezzers for your horses at Long Lake and Glanduin and Gulf of Lune  and Mirromere Those are for those who have their own Teegle or BC horses.

Giddy Up! And if you enjoy riding at Calas, a donation would be much appreciated – we are a bit short and the end of the month is coming:P

3 thoughts on “Calas Galadhon Park adds “Coast Trail” for horseback riders!

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