Earth Day Celebration at Calas Galadhon Friday 4 22 2016 Photo Album!

Calas-Earth-Day-2016We want to thank everyone who joined us at Calas Galadhon Friday, April 22, for the Earth Day Celebration!  Check the Photo Album slide show to see if we caught you! We had as many as 70 on the main sim and more throughout the park at one time!  We want to especially thank all the Lindens who came:

  • April Linden
  • Bianca Linden
  • Brett Linden
  • Can Linden
  • Debbi Linden
  • Dee Linden
  • Garden Mole
  • Governance3 Linden
  • Governance5 Linden
  • Governance7 Linden
  • Guy Linden
  • Michael Linden
  • Oz Linden
  • Patsy Linden
  • Shaman Linden
  • Simon Linden
  • Squishy Mole
  • Torley
  • Vitae Linden
  • Warp Linden
  • Xiola Linden

We may have missed some – there were so many of you, it was hard to keep track. It was a wonderful turnout and we hope you will all come back for a visit soon.  Thanks to all the folks who took photos – we encourage you to post them to the Calas Galadhon Flickr Group, too!

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