Introducing ‘VALYRIA’ our 2015 Halloween build!


Truck and I are happy to announce our new 2015 Halloween build … ‘VALYRIA’.


Inspired by the visuals we found of the abandoned city of Valyria  (from the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and George R. R. Martins books ‘Song of Ice and Fire’) we felt this would be a great … and fun .. starting point for this years Halloween sim.

Without taking away the fun and excitement of discovery, we can let you know than you can expect more bits & pieces from this addictive HBO series to be laced throughout the build.  As with last years ‘DARKWOOD’ (inspired by Tolkein’s ‘Mirkwood’)  we want to warn Game of Thrones purists that we take A LOT of liberties .. and mix in our usual play, humor and visual … um … tales of our own 🙂


Of course their will be a couple tours to enjoy … did I dragons? It is definitely a build you’ll want to wander and get lost in … and return to find many of the details you are sure to have missed the first time through.

As in years past the sim will include  this years Halloween Pavilion … which will house all of our live music performances & costume events.

Finally as with any of our new sims and special builds, our Calas Galadhon Announcement group members (along with a guest or two ) will have a day to explore the build before we announce and open it to the public the first week of October.

More info as we get closer …

Start looking for those costumes !




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