The deadline for Avi Choice nominee submissions is TODAY!!!!!!!!!(Wednesday, May 20th at 7pm SLT!)  

We want Calas Galadhon to be recognized as it has been in the past for all the great work Ty and Truck do!

Nominees who received at least three UNIQUE nominations will then be put up to vote on Sunday, May 24th, no later than midnight. Voting WILL be limited to one vote per avatar/resident, per category. Avi Choice Awards ~ SLife voting will close on Sunday, June 14th at 5pm SLT.


You MUST include the URL for your own web profile in your nomination entry. To do so, 1) go to, 2) type ‘your avatar name’ into the search box in the upper right hand corner of the webpage, 3) select your name from the results list to open your web profile, and 4) copy the URL from the web address bar at the top of the webpage. Include this URL with your nomination.


We’ve already done this to get Ty and Truck’s URLs which are also required for nominees so you can just copy/paste the information directly into the appropriate nomination boxes.


To nominate our beloved Calas Galadhon Park in the following two categories, please go to:

Scroll through the various categories till you see these two:


–>     FAVORITE SIM TO EXPLORE THROUGH – Copy the following into the nomination box:

Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk ( and Truck Meredith (

–>   FAVORITE PLACE TO TAKE A DATE Copy this into the nomination box:

Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk ( and Truck Meredith (


And on Sunday, May 24, be sure and go back and vote for Calas Galadhon in these two categoriesJ


Thank you!


Kerena Zhangsun and Romie Vella

20 May 2015

With permission


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