Calas Galadhon Park reopens tomorrow ! Jan 31, 2015

In our last post of Jan 21st we gave you some idea on the changes you will find in your exploration of  ‘Calas’ on your return as well as our plans for the next few months.  In case you didn’t go beyond the ‘comic relief ‘ 🙂 we shared at its beginning here is a brief recap:

  •  After thinking hard about it and looking over the Park (best balloon ride in SL ) during the quiet time of our break we both came to the conclusion that if support from our visitors this year is anywhere near that of 2014, it would be worth taking a chance and keep all of the regions in place for now.
  •   In addition, we felt that adding another less expensive ‘open space’ region was manageable for both of us, bringing us back up to 12 regions. The new sim is called LONG LAKE and will be a water / land bridge between Misty Mountains and the new Armenelos once complete. In March of last year we announced that starting that May we’d have to limit ourselves to carrying 40% of the total cost in fees to Linden Lab and still keep all sims in place.  Our supporters, friends and members rallied together in an effort to keep Calas and came through with an average over the next ten months of 67% of fees covered! As we mentioned in the last post it ‘may’  be that once we are done with the new woodland build on Armenelos we will need to convert down Misty Mountains to an openspace region to keep finances in check.  We’ll wait and see.  As we’ve said a number of times, no one knows what the future will bring in SL or RL, but we feel we are in a good place right now.
Stairway to the Stars ; Kerena Zhangsun

Stairway to the Stars by Kerena Zhangsun

  •   Other than seeing that spring has once again returned to the sims … you will find that most of the bigger changes are on the ‘mother sim’ of Calas Galadhon and the farm sim of Glanduin.  We hope you will love the changes made there.  Be sure to walk up the hill south of Main St.  Whether you turn right or left at the top of the hill, new areas wait  to be discovered including a new venue … The Garden Terrace … very romantic! We’ll be using it for special events in the future.  We may also hold The Dolphin Café shows there until the new Armenelos is complete. Of course it will always be open for dancing to our stream 🙂
  • Construction of the new ARMENELOS (and the adjacent LONG LAKE) has been started and will hopefully be done by early March.  The sim will be closed to the public except for our OZ Nightclub high above and a new observation platform we have set up for you to  relax a bit and watch us work over the next month.  We even moved some of the goats from GLANDUIN there to keep the grass down 🙂 The only way we could effectively close a sim without keeping the entire park closed for the period, was to put in a security orb … so … if you want to look at what’s going on over there … its best to stick to the observation deck to avoid bodily harm 😛  Even though we will be working on LONG LAKE at the same time , we have kept it open to the public to keep the Balloon Ride running. Because terraforming and landscaping can be a challenge we do ask that if you see either of us working on Long Lake, that you observe from a distance. Note:  your old LM for Armenelos won’t work. From the teleport boards on each sim, you will be able to teleport to the observation platform on ARMENELOS.
  • Finally, you will find new and more attractive Donation Kiosks on each sim.  Rather than giving you a total by sim (one could never be sure how the Park was doing as a whole) the new ones are connected via a web server to reflect the ‘monthly’ total for the ENTIRE park.  At the 1st of each month the kiosks will reset on their own. We feel this makes it much less confusing and easier for all.  Romie will set up a link on this website where you can also check how the donations are doing in reaching their monthly Target total.
New Park Donation Kiosk

New Park Donation Kiosk

As you have come to know, Truck and I  love to place prims in a way that will inspire, bring a smile … and give one a sense of peace and ‘place’ as they explore the parks, woodlands, farms and marshlands that are Calas Galadhon Park Sims.  We hope to continue to do that in the year ahead.

See you tomorrow morning (SLT)!  We’ll open soon after Truck gets up and moving. 🙂


Ty & Truck

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