A hint of a Glanduin spring …

A day comes in the springtime
When Earth puts forth her powers,
Casts off the bonds of winter
And lights him hence with flowers…

 ~Dora Read Goodale, “The Chorus,” in Country Life in America: A Magazine for the Home-maker, the Vacation-seeker, the Gardener, the Farmer, the Nature-teacher, the Naturalist, April 1902a

Glanduin Spring 2015b


Glanduin Spring 2014


Yes, I know it’s only February 🙂 … but we are fortunate enough to take in the warmth of the sun and dip our feet into the cool water early on Calas. It’s a time of renewal and new discoveries at the Park !

We know that some of you were saddened to hear of the passing of the village on Armenelos. No one more than Truck and I.  It was time for a change. As we work our way around the Park in the next few months, we hope to create an even more enriching experience when you choose to enter the Park gates..

Some of these changes will be complete when you return in February, some, like the creation of a new wooded sim which we are currently referring to it as the ‘new’ Misty Mountains, will still be in the works.  We’ll keep our Calas Announcement Group members and the website updated.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

wishing our ‘Calas’ folk the very best!

Ty & Truck


5 thoughts on “A hint of a Glanduin spring …

  1. could you post a pic of the village of armenelos . I don’t remember that.. but i did enjoy the village that has all the paintings in a store .. in a tiny little village .. is that the same ?


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